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If you're driven by a vision of collective liberation & social justice and committed to transformative action, you’re in the right place. Whether you want to...

  • find greater fulfillment in your life as you work towards social justice 
  • create more meaningful impact as you serve your community
  • have more satisfying, mutual relationships with colleagues as you work to dismantle oppressive systems
  • or more…

Rosalee Consulting would love to work with you to foster healing & growth and build relationships to propel meaningful change. We are here to walk beside you and create space for you to heal, dream, and unleash your love, courage, and power to find freedom and joy. Because beyond your skills and efforts, the world needs the unique presence and gifts only you can offer. 

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"Heddy left me feeling full of possibility, hopeful and supported."

It feels amazing to work with Heddy. She brings a range of gifts that help me feel at ease and help me use spiritual and body-attuned resources to address everyday roadblocks. Her strengths are intuition, her ability to introduce exercises and questions that meet you where you are, her ability to invite the sacred into the space (with consent) and especially powerful and attuned deep listening and reframes. These left me feeling full of possibility, hopeful and supported after each session.

Steph de Wolfe

Independent Consultant and Facilitator 

"Heddy’s work with us has fundamentally shifted our approach."

Heddy is an incredible thought partner and collaborator who was instrumental to our team. She informed an inclusive decision-making process that resulted in 5.2 million dollars deployed to non-profit organizations across California that are advancing racial and gender equity. As our lead consultant, she developed a Community of Practice approach that centers non-profit organizations and ensures that those closest to the challenges facing our communities are heard and supported. Heddy’s work with us has fundamentally shifted how we approach our grantmaking across the state.

Jason Cordova

Senior Program Officer, The James Irvine Foundation

"Heddy does not simply complete projects, but co-designs initiatives and builds up partners."

Heddy is a masterful facilitator. She exhibits exemplary planning ability, taking into consideration every detail from timing and information sharing to participant comfortability and takeaways. Her ability to create an atmosphere in which participants felt agency and creativity over the work results in tangible progress. Heddy’s style is to not simply complete projects, but co-design initiatives and build up partners so that they are able to execute a shared vision with tangible results.

Adam Gottlieb

Director, Postsecondary Strategy & Policy, UNITE-LA

"The way Heddy holds space, listens empathetically, and reflects back - feels like poetry."

Heddy’s coaching has really allowed me to reconnect with my ancestral and soul practices. There was a moment in coaching when she led me through a visualizing of my family temple and grandmother that I return to a lot. Heddy’s coaching is what facilitated this imagery and brought it to life for me. I’ve had a chance to be coached by many fantastic coaches, but so much of what Heddy does -- the way she holds space and practices empathetic listening and reflects back -- feels like poetry.

Eugenia Lee

Deputy Director, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities

"Heddy was able to cut through the noise and help me identify the root of my issues."

My coaching with Heddy was everything I needed even though I didn’t know I needed it. After laying out all my problems and conflicts, Heddy was able to cut through the noise and help me identify the root of my issues. As a result, I have become more of an advocate in the multiple roles I juggle to get what I need. Heddy allowed me to feel all my feelings while also challenging me to take action, and own the accountability and responsibility for that action.

Marianne Wolfe

Counselor, California Community Colleges

"Working with Heddy gave me insight and tools to overcome a difficult nexus of challenges."

Working closely with Heddy over many months gave me the insight and tools to overcome a particularly difficult nexus of personal and professional challenges. She helped me to prioritize tasks and relationships that have benefited both my work and mental health. She also talked with me about the idea of energetic boundaries as a way to thoughtfully decide what task, issues and personalities to engage deeply with or not. This concept and how Heddy led me through understanding is something I return to weekly if not daily.

George Zaninovich

Associate Director of Employer Engagement, Talent Rewire at FSG

Tune in as co-hosts Heddy Nam and La Shanda Sugg get real about trauma and healing. Guests share how their “labor of love” impacts our communities.

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Podcast Co-Host

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